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Sophia's Thick Butt Home Video #1
=================================================================== 05/13/2002
Special Note............." Us Thick & Juicy Women Fans are Truly Grateful!"
Stars......... Sophia C. Obviously a Sex Hungry Beautiful & Juicy Woman.
  Hubby "That Lucky Dog" Husband
  Various Preview of her future videos with other thick friends
Company/Supplier... Videos             Video Web Site                  
Minutes...........60 min aprox. 
Quality/Lighting.. Good/Excellent  
Category..........Thick Butted Amateur   
Score............ A+    
Price......$25 plus S&H    
A Friggin Bargain    
This Lady is not only one of the most beautiful women on this planet, butt she is PACKED!   Thick Butt, Thick Thighs & perfect nipples on her grab-able breasts!  The kind of meat you'd want to sink your teeth into!   We'd pay money just to touch her beautiful skin!
1> This is Sophia's Video debut to the world.  The video starts out with her getting dressed to show off those great thick thighs & thick Bubble Butt.  She is obviously very skillful at deep throating & expertly handles a cock as though she trained for years to do so.   Lots of scenes of her satisfying his member.
2> Many scenes in different poses of her showing off her assets.  In panties & off, standing, bending over, we just love the fact that she gives the audience enough time to focus on those poses we hope our wives would do for us while we fondled ourselves!
3> Oh Yes!!!  Anal Sex!!!  What a site!!!  We loved the way she gets it from behind while she's standing straight up.  She also gets it bending over, riding on top with those jiggly cheeks dancing  for the camera & finally she turns around for us so we can see her thick mound as if awaiting another cock while she rides her butt anally & looking into the camera!
4> Lord have mercy, do we need to say more?.  Hell Yes!!!  This tape was well done!  Really well put together from scene to scene!  Even the sound track was complementary!  Bravo!!!
5> We considered the last part of the tape as a bonus with scenes of Sophia, 50" Butted Carmen, Tanya & some very happy (Black & White) males in future video releases.  The tape also squeezes in a preview of BeckyButt!  Damn!

Must have this in your collection of Classic Thick Butted Women of all time!

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