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CT's Big Butted Latina Wife
================================================================= 06/24/2002
Special Note............."Now This is What You Call a Real Latina!"
Stars............. CT's Wife Big round hipped, big butted all natural Latina Woman.
  CT Another Lucky Stiff Husband
Company/Supplier... Videos             Video Web Site                  
Minutes...........60 min aprox. 
Quality/Lighting.. Good/Excellent   
Category..........Big Butted Wife Home Video    
Score............ A+    
Price......$25 plus S&H    
A Friggin Bargain
This is the "Real Thing", authentic at home, having sex between husband & wife home grown video!
  1. CT's Wife.  We first feasted our eyes on her in the BeckyButt's Preview Video.  We could barely wait for this long awaited video to become available.  I guess Becky got tired of our emails.  Thanks Becky!
  2. She really didn't realize the camera was recording,  we appreciate her husband turning that cam on, the sneaky S.O.B...   The first scene contains this extremely curvaceous creature walking around in skin tight jeans, then in thongs that look like she was built for. 
  3. The next scene, she is lying on the bed & whoa, what an ass......  She changes positions to show us all kinds of angles of her unbelievable body & once in awhile looking at the camera to see if it is truly off, & it really isn't.
  4. They have sex & we get to our favorite position, when she climbs on top & rides the hubby with that huge, thick mass of butt jiggling until they climax.....   I need a glass of cold water.
  5. There's alot of quicky sex here & there, & alot of grabbing that thick ass.  There is a bonus scene where she is riding on top in slow motion, whoa!
  6. At the end of the tape, there is a BeckyButt & a MyThickButt preview to top this juicy video tape off.

***** YOU WILL Definitely ENJOY THIS TAPE *****

Thanks for sharing your Reubenesque Latina with us CT!"

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