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Candy's Ass
================================================================= 06/21/2002
Special Note............."We're talking, Huge Face Drowning Beautiful Butt Here!"
Stars............. CandyAss Huge, protruding, round, deep, large, bubble butt on this 19 year old.
Company/Supplier... Videos             Video Web Site                  
Minutes...........55 min aprox. 
Quality/Lighting.. Good/Excellent   
Hard-on R    
Category..........Huge Butted Wife Home Video    
Score............ B+    
Price......$45 Includes Shipping    
No sex, which we were craving, butt what a site for sore eyes! She shows off that unique body all over this vid!
  1. Mouth drooling warning!  Another one of those rare ladies that would make you get an instant embarrassing hard-on if you saw her in public.  Candy has not just a huge behind, butt huge beautiful hips.  She also happens to have very sexy eyes.
  2. Nice Big Bubble Butt. All natural / No Morphing needed here. Beautiful big legs & thick thighs in a miniskirt, tight bathing suit & in various panties that awkwardly fit her perfectly.
  3. She feels up her body for us. Spreads for us in all positions & shows off her thick hairless crotch.
    When she bends over, "CARAMBA", it's a sight to behold. Mouth drooling warning again!  She jiggles that huge mass of perfect meat & she really knows how to wiggle that mass.
    Wish we can grab those luscious hips & F___K the living daylights out of her ass.
  4. Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!  When she finally pulls off her panties spreading to reveal a perfect deep recessed dark hole, we're  telling you, your going to focus real hard on that perfect big ass!  What a perfect Plump Woman Candy is.  The girl's perfect. What a site!  We Want Sex in the next vids of Candy Wild Bill! PLEEEEEEEZE!!!

Must have this in your collection of classic Big Butted Women of all time!

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