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Big Butt Wives Preview Video # 1
================================================================= 05/08/2002
Special Note............."Unique.  A one of a kind.  Never saw anything like this before."
Stars............. BeckyButt Beautiful Indian/Latina with a curvaceous body, big butt & naturally hairy.
  CT's Wife Classic Curvaceous Big Butted Latina
  Louisa Very Cute Latina with a Bubble Butt & Big Tits
  Aunt Sonia Older Latina Very Horny with a Huge Ass
  Cuban Wife Beautiful Plump Latina
  Neighbors Wife Beautiful Natural Bodied Woman
  Elena Beautiful Natural Bodied Woman
  Sophia Beautiful Italian Woman with a Thick Butt
  Carmen 6' Tall with a 58" Huge Ass
  AlmondButt Beautiful Black Woman with a Big Jiggly Butt & Healthy Tits
  Tanya Spanish Big Titted Woman
  Russian Maid Huge Bubble Butted Woman
  Jill Big Butted Curvaceous & naturally hairy Woman
  P.R. Guest Very Big Butted Latina Plump Woman
  Latina Wife Beautiful Bubble Butted Woman
  Dominican Very Big Butted Latina
  Indian Cousin Becky's Beautiful Shy Cousin
  Co-Worker Huge Butted Latina
Company/Supplier... Videos             Video Web Site                  
Minutes...........60 min aprox. 
Quality/Lighting.. Rough/Good/Excellent   (Most of the video is un-staged) 
Category..........Big Butted Real Amateurs    
Score............ A+    
Price......$25 plus S&H    
A Friggin Bargain
Best preview video of it's kind.  How can we start but to say that there is a lot of big butted women on
this video. The best part is, it is all real Home-Movies of real unprofessional people, like you & me!
1> BeckyButt. This woman is one of the sexiest woman alive. Naturally tanned, Hairy in all      
     the right places and she really enjoys it in her big juicy butt.  Lots of scenes of Becky, in  
     the shower, dressing, undressing, blow jobbing her husband in the kitchen and practically
     wherever her husband pulls it out, she is a real sucking machine.  Becky also is obviously an
     expert on riding on top especially when it's anal.     Can't wait for her Solo full length videos.
2> Hidden Video. We can't make up our minds on which got us more excited, Becky's scenes or
    these hidden camera scenes!  Here you'll get to see some truly hot big butted Latinas & other
    ladies dressing, showering, blowing, screwing, all without them being aware the camera is
    capturing everything.
3> CT's Wife.  What a Woman!!!  This woman is another on this tape that will get you hard for a long time!
    What a body on her!
4> Aunt Sonia is one horny older latina & so are all the other ladies on this tape.  This is definitely
    a must see video tape.
5> Girls.  Previews of Sophia, Carmen, Tanya AlmondButt & some of their
   Thick Cocked friends. Lots of Thick Butts, interracial, Twosomes, Threesomes & Moresomes.
6> Elena.  This woman really enjoys making home sex videos. Oral & Anal are her specialty!
7> Other Big Butted Ladies.  You'll enjoy them all.


Remember, this is a preview of the full length feature videos.  "Good Idea!"

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