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BeckyButt Personal Home Video 1
================================================================= 06/21/2002
Special Note............."Fantastic, Delicious Big Butt Wife Video."
Stars............. BeckyButt Beautiful Indian/Latina with a curvaceous body, big butt & naturally hairy.
  Husband The Lucky Stiff
Company/Supplier... Videos             Video Web Site                  
Minutes...........60 min aprox. 
Quality/Lighting.. Good/Excellent   
Category..........Big Butted Wife Home Video    
Score............ A+    
Price......$25 plus S&H    
A Friggin Bargain
This is the "Real Thing", authentic at home, having sex between husband & wife home grown video!
  1. BeckyButt. What can we say, we're in love with this gorgeous creature!!! Naturally tanned, Hairy in all
    the right places, perfect dark nipples and she really enjoys it in her big juicy butt.
  2. The video opens up with Becky getting dressed as she is leaving to go somewhere, to work maybe.  Wherever it is, the men must be lusting at the site of her wondering what she looks like under those cloths, aren't we lucky that we can see all of her!
  3. The next scene, Becky is sitting up in bed with her pajamas on then suddenly they vanish off to show her curvaceous body & hairy mound.  She then proceeds to suck her man's huge cock - then she bends over to reveal that beautiful tanned crevice between her generous ass.  She gets it from behind then the best part begins when she spreads her legs for the camera and opens wide.  This is a very lustful & sexy segment of this video.
  4. In the following scene taken in a spontaneous moment someday before or later, she gives her man a real good milking with her vacuum mouth from beginning to end.  Becky, we want it too!
  5. The climax is when Becky rides on top, then takes it anally!  We had to take a short break at this point of the video to relieve ourselves in the bathroom, if you know what I mean!!!  All we can say is, Becky, your husband is one lucky S.O.B. to have a woman like you to have sex with!  At the end of the tape, Becky squeezes in a preview of upcoming Becky Personal Home Video series.  Can't wait for more of her full length videos.

***** YOU WILL Definitely ENJOY THIS TAPE *****

Thanks for sharing your very private hot moments with us!"

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