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Atinna Vol 3
=================================================================== 05/13/2002
Special Note............." If Eve had Atinna's Body, Adam was a Happy Man. "
Stars............. Atinna Big, protruding, round, deep, large, bubble butt on this dark haired Beauty.
Company/Supplier... Videos             Video Web Site                  
Minutes...........100 min aprox. 
Quality/Lighting.. Good/Excellent  
Category..........Very Big Butted Amateur   
Score............ B+    
Price......$29.95 plus S&H    

***** No Sex or between the naked legs or cheek shots *****

No doubt about it, she has a big, protruding, round, deep, large, bubble ass. Thick thighs. Nice Big Hips!
Meaty in all the right places.   Classic natural hair in all the right places.
1> She strips, wears thongs, rides an exercise bike, walks around for us in tight jeans & other edibles.
    The scene wear she peels off her very tight jeans to behold that naked butt, we all said " OH MY GOD,
    what an ASS on That Girl!!! " 
    Beautiful skin on this dark haired beauty, Short Shorts that go deep into her ass.  I'm hungry, You?
2> When she bends over on the couch, you feel confused! Should I just stand here & drool over her?
    Should I Smell her butt? Should I lick her between her huge perfect cheeks? Should I shove it in her?
    See what I mean!!!!!!  The girl is to be admired!!!!  She also showers that Fat Ass!  EMMMMMMMMM!
3> Atinna Jiggles for us, crawls on the floor in tights, works out, goes outside wiggling her perfect ass!       

Must have this in your collection of classic Big Butted Women of all time!

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